Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Decision

On Thursday, April 18th, Dan had his interview for a Satellite Communications position in Germany.

He told me when he applied, but being the humble man he is, it was very much a “long shot” position. Alas, here we are Thursday morning, The Lumineers “Ho Hey” alerting me to his call to tell me how the interview went.

I answered with an eager “Good Morning!”
This next part is going to change both our lives. I’m still on the fence about HOW it will do so ;)
He replies with a “Wanna go to Germany, baby?!?”

He got the job. He’s accepting the job. He’s inviting me to go with him.

A million thoughts rush through my head. He fills me in on the details. It’s in Landstuhl, he starts May 13th, and they’re giving him a stipend to live on until he finds a place and a car. These are all the particulars.

The thing that changed it for me was that I had never heard him like this before. He was so incredibly happy. He said this was his dream job, and he had finally felt like all his hard work paid off, and what he deserved was finally here. This melted me.

I spent the rest of the day day-dreaming. Wondering if this is really a possibility for me.  I barely have friends in Denver except Jamie and Dan was planning on moving to Denver soon anyway for us to be closer.

After thinking way too hard about this, I willed myself to stop until I could speak with Dan more. I needed to make sure that he really wanted me there. I would hate to crash his international party. (It should be said, he adores me and I know he wants me to go. But right there in that moment, I was being a girl that needed reassurance from her boyfriend, that yes, he indeed does want her to quit her life and move across the world with him.)

At dinner later that night, I did get that reassurance. And so the planning began. The next day, homeboy couldn’t keep his wiggly fingers away from Facebook and announced it to the social media world. Oh vey. I immediately did damage control and emailed all the ladies.

I did however call Kelly. In Croatia. To tell her over the phone. She was in a bar… as it was a Friday night there. I’m pretty sure she peed herself.

The girls were of course extremely supportive. I emailed Jamie separately as this affected her slightly more. With us being roommates and all, and seeing each other every day. This one is going to be difficult. We’re shockshank, we’re holdin in down in Denver solo. She’s my bestie, my PIC. This isn’t going to be easy. We both know that. 

Today I went to work to tell Justin about my situation and when my last day will be. He was supportive, which makes that process a lot easier.

Then on the way home I told my parents. They were shocked of course, but supportive as always.

I still need to tell Nicole. That’s going to be a hard one. She moved to Denver a little over a year ago. And if I’m being honest (what are blogs for?) we haven’t taken advantage of that nearly enough. She’s not going to like this.

Dan called and said he’d been thinking about me all day, since he knew it was “tell everyone you’re boucing out the country in 2 months day”. It was then I started to break down a bit. Not because I don’t want to go, but because this is sad. Change is sad.

I’m in Denver. I AM Denver. People leave me, and come back home to visit me. I don’t leave. So it’s hard to realize that I’m the one that is leaving now. I’m leaving everything behind.

I’m always one for an adventure though. So why not do it in Europe with an amazing man by my side?

June 2013, Germany here I come.

Landstuhl Germany: The view from a Burg Nanstein Castle's archway.

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