Friday, July 12, 2013


For our first weekend away, we decided to head to Germany’s oldest and most famous university town. We booked a last minute hotel in the middle of the city, only a block away from the Marktplatz  (marketplace/main square)

After checking in, we headed to grab a Heidelberg Hefeweizen to prepare us for the long, vertical hike over the Alte Brucke (old bridge), up the Schlangenweg (Snake Path) and along the Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Way).

The views were stunning. You could see the entire city!

On our way back down the other side, we stopped at a Beer Garden for a well deserved half liter. From there, we walked through the Universitatsplatz. It is the student courtyard and was littered with study groups and lunch dates.   

After freshening up and pinning my peacock feathers back in place, we headed to dinner. We found a traditional German restaurant and each had a Schnitzel (I replaced my fries with Spätzle) and shared a bottle of wine. After that, we mutually decided to get completely tossed and bar hopped around the city. 

Panoramic from the Philosphenweg.
*     *     *     *

The 9am alarm jogged my foggy memory that we had very ambitious plans to start the day early. I without hesitation turned it off- snooze button need not apply. Waking up 2 hours later, with 15 minutes to spare before checkout, I rushed through my morning shower and hangover face cover up and out we went.

We grabbed coffee and pastries and sat along the River to enjoy the early afternoon before hopping on the Solarschiff Boat to view the city from the Neckar. It was an hour-long river cruise so I decided hair of dog was necessary and we each had a beer. I had one called Radler-, which is beer mixed with soda.  Surprising delicious and refreshing.

Next we headed to the rail station for a ride up to the Schloss (Castle). It was beautiful, breathtaking and magical. And any other clichéd adjectives you’d expect a Castle to be described as.

We packed a picnic and sat in the Schlossgarten (the Castle Garden) to enjoy meat, cheese, wine and scenery.  It was a beautiful ending to our getaway. 

Panoramic view from the Schlossgarten. Castle to the left. 

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