Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm here!

So I’ve been in Germany for 2 days now. 

So far so good.

After 2 perfect flights, collecting my baggage promptly and only slightly getting caught up by immigration, it was a great start to this adventure. After coming out of baggage claim, I saw Dan immediately.

We gave each other the oh.em.gee it’s been 2 months smooch and we were on our way.

It was an hour from Frankfurt to Kaiserslautern. When we got to the apartment I was so impressed. He did an AMAZING job setting it all up. He built a kitchen!? This still boggles my mind. Everything looked great- except the white walls and empty planters, which I’ll color up in no time.

While Dan went to get the rest of my bags, I took a shower to rinse the last 15 travel hours off of me- with a German Shower Beer of course.

After freshening up, we took a drive Landstul (about 15 minutes away) to grab something to eat. We found this adorable Italian restaurant and shared some pizza and beer. Next we headed to his work site. It’s so great to hear him talk about it- as he seriously lights up with excitement. It’s too top secret for me to go inside, but from what I saw from the drive by seemed pretty bad ass.

Next to the Ramstein Commissary to get some groceries. This was much needed considering the first thing out of my mouth when we arrived was “You don’t have any cheese?! Do you know me at all?”

He had a couple bottles of wine, so he kinda knows me… : )

After filling up the car with groceries, we headed home. On the way, I fell asleep, drool and all. The jet lag was hitting me. It was about 7pm Germany time. I went straight to bed, and woke up wide awake at 2am. Dan was switching over to the night shift so he was awake as well. We decided to watch Hook and drink a bottle of wine.

Back to bed, until he woke me up at noon- breakfast in bed no less. (I could get use to this.) While we ate, we discussed travel plans. Should we go to London this month? This weekend we should check out Heidelberg. We would love to see the Alps- perhaps Switzerland for the long weekend. (I could also get used to this.)

We decided to go get me a wardrobe, considering Germany doesn’t believe in closets and I brought 4 suitcases with me. We put that together, and I set up some lamps, the coffee pot and other kitchen essentials.

We then headed to VolksPark which is across the street from our apartment. It’s like a mini Wash Park, with more trees and less douchbags. They also have a café right in the middle. Coffee, beer, wine, bratwurst, ice cream, oh my. We each had a cone and headed back to the apartment.

Dan showered for work and I fell fast asleep again (I wonder when I’ll get on track?)
I woke up at 8pm, finally unpacked and am now enjoying wine and cheese. Whew. This life is good so far.
Panoramic View from our Balcony.

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