Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kirchheimbolanden, Germany

Shortly after arriving in Kaiserslautern, I went to the tourist office in town. I now keep an “events guide” I received there on our tiny refrigerator.

On August 12th, there was something called a Residenfest in the city of Kirchheimbolanden which translates to a wine festival happening in a ridiculous sounding town that’s only 30 minutes from us.

We slept in that morning with it being the day after my birthday, and headed to Kirchheimboldanden around 2pm. We found parking and wandered into the town square. We found dozens of adorable wineries and tents set up.

We bellied up and started ordering wine- just pointing to the different varietals listed on the menu.

So, a typical glass of wine is .15 liters. Here at the wine festival, you couldn’t order anything less than .25 liters (so… double). And the most common was .5 liter pour of wine. A HALF LITER! This is nearing an entire bottle of wine. Your typical wine glass won’t hold this much, so here in Kirch, they went for the much classier and effective Collins glass.

This is wine. 
All the wines were very inexpensive too! Each ranging from 2 to 5 Euros (about 2-6 dollars).

As we drank, the rain started to pour, marching bands banged their drums through the streets and young drunk kids united bars singing traditional German drinking songs. 

Doing what we do best..

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