Tuesday, August 27, 2013


While we only spent 6 hours in Luxembourg, it was enough time to get our fill.

Luxembourg isn’t a huge metropolis with tons of culture, hipster hotspots and other local-y “how cool is this” type activities.

So, all that was left for us to do was eat, drink and wander.

Luxembourg has the most unique landscape I have ever seen.

Typically over shadowed by its neighbors, it has more natural beauty than expected for such a small country (one of the smallest in Europe). Its landscape is hilly, mountainous at times, features plateaus and rolling uplands with broad shallow valleys.

Its strategic location in Europe put it at a crossroad in Western Europe back in the day and so it became heavily fortified. It’s extensive city walls and towers can still be seen throughout its distinctive landscape.

Something very cool happening in Luxembourg while we were there was The Elephant Parade.

It’s an open-air world tour art exhibit of 55 individually hand painted elephant statues.

It runs 3 months, at which time the elephants will be auctioned off. The exhibit aims to raise awareness for the Asian Elephant Conservation. The money collected will go to building infirmaries for injured elephants.

Overall the city was neat to see and I’m glad we went for the day. 

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