Friday, August 16, 2013

Rhine Cruise

[History Lesson: The Rhine is the 12th longest river in Europe (about 760 miles) passing through Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, France and Lichtenstein.]

The Rhine has over a dozen ports in Germany. The Bingen am Rhine Port is the closest to us, about a 50-minute drive from Kaiserslautern. Once arriving and parking, we immediately headed to the port. Through broken German and a version of charades, we bought 2 tickets on the next boat out.

The route was two hours up (maybe down?) the river to a small town called St. Goar. There were verbal history lessons along the way pointing out ruins, castles and churches.

It was a very beautiful-one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. I’ll put it up there with Mali Losijn. Unfortunately these pictures do not do it justice.

In a boat on the Rhine, wind through my hair, man by my side, hillsides covered in vineyards and castles. This is nice. :) 

Once we made it to St. Goar, we had a few hours before our return ride. At lunch, I pointed to something on the menu that included cheese and Swiss potatoes. The waitress warned me, “It’s cold.” I didn’t quite understand what kind of warning that was, so I just nodded.

What she brought out… did have potatoes… I suppose they were Swiss, but I didn’t see any cheese. Instead, there was a large circular mold of cold chopped up pork pieces mixed with a clear jello like substance accompanied by pickle slices and a spiced mayonnaise dipping sauce.

Now. I’m an adventurous eater and will, for the most part, try anything. I just couldn’t get past the consistency of my hammy gelatin. I ate all my Swiss potatoes as they essentially hash browns with bacon and onions and helped Dan with his safe choice of schnitzel.

After lunch we climbed the hill to the castle (all of the tiny villages around here have one) to have a drink and share the waitresses favorite dessert.

Going against the current, the boat ride back was 3 hours. I took a nap while Dan enjoyed the scenery.  The Rhine is so close to us, and something we LOVED so we knew we would be back. 

More sassyness

Panorama from the Castle
Pic Pic! 

Castle in the middle of the city: Bingen

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