Saturday, August 3, 2013

Zagreb, Croatia

Never having been to this country before, and honestly not knowing too much about it, upon first glance it doesn’t generate the best impression.  

It’s covered in graffiti, something that Kelly assures me is normal and that they have an appreciation for that type of art. While some of it is very artistically done, a lot of it just looks downright hoodlum-esque. I am glad Kelly warned me about it, so I didn’t judge the city before I got to know it.  Kelly said she doesn’t even notice it anymore, and after 4 days there, neither did I.

To be honest, we didn’t do much in Zagreb. It was bloody hot while I was there, so sightseeing around the city didn’t appeal much to either of us. We opted instead to check out all Kelly’s favorite watering holes.

My favorite was the Strassematre. It’s an outdoor tree-lined path with neon lights overhead. It’s littered with picnic tables, food stands, a large bar and a live music stage. We headed there after dinner one night. It was bustling on this humid Wednesday night. We each got a beer, perched on the fenced ledge overlooking the city and small forest below and reminisced the night away.

Boozing at Strassmatre

Zagreb has a huge café culture, and I was really neat to see hundreds of tables and chairs covering every street corner, alley way and open plaza. We definitely took advantage on more than a few occasions and stopped for wine or Ozujsko Grape (which is grapefruit beer and positively delicious!)

Mid-day wine!
Cafe lined streets
Beyond that, there was a lot of lounging, eating, drinking and Croatian Coast trip planning.  Also, we justified not really seeing the city by needing to “give me a reason to come back.”

Church I loved
Panorama from the Strassmatre

City Center
Panorama from Kelly's balcony
Scouting picnic spots

Panorama right outside train station- my favorite scenic part of Zagreb
Kelly and I and statue!
Church under construction
Late night city center
Kelly hailing the..err...tram?

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