Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bad Dürkheim, Germany

Bad Dürkheim holds the world’s biggest wine festival every year drawing nearly 600,000 visitors. It’s been celebrated every September for over 590 years. Along with 150 different local wines, there was a ton of local food, music, literature contents, rides and fireworks.

We took a train there from Kaiserslautern that took about an hour. Once we arrived, we immediately started eating and drinking. The smart way to do the festival is to order wine schorles. It’s wine mixed with carbonated water. It slows down the boozing and hydrates you at the same time! (Right?)

It was a blast! We went on some rides, drank a lot of wine, watched fireworks, and took way too many selfies. 

Selfie Overload! 
Boozy booze. 

View of the festival from high swings.

View from the Ferris Wheel
Neat picture on Ferris Wheel

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