Sunday, September 29, 2013

Farmers Market in Kaiserslautern

Friday night we had all you can eat sushi followed by Jamison whiskey shots and Guinness at the new Irish pub in town. Our bartender was from Houston. Where are we?

* * *

Needless to say our night was very international. In order to remind ourselves where we live, yesterday morning we walked downtown to check out the weekly farmers market. It was a crisp fall morning and quite a pleasant walk if you don’t count my horror at a Neo-Nazi march happening down the main street. Apparently this party is gaining ground and causing a lot of controversy around Germany while the authorities are grossly underestimating their threats. However, the Polizei were there in full riot gear in case violence erupted.

This farmers market was unlike anything I’ve seen in Colorado. It was enormous, featuring every fruit and vegetable you could imagine. Not to mention meat, cheese, fish and spice trucks. A cheesecake and olive oil stand, a flower market, pumpkins and gourds and my new favorite- Neuer Wine!

Neuer (new) wine is also referred to as young wine. It’s pressed right off the vine and has just begun to ferment. It’s served when the alcohol content reaches four percent and is left unfiltered. You can’t find it too far out of the Palatinate area because it’s specific to this wine region and the gas produced by the active yeast makes it impossible to ship/transport. The season for it is early September until late October. Since it’s still fermenting, the flavor changes during those two months and can reach up to 11% by the end of October.

It’s rather carbonated and tastes fruity, sweet and slightly sour like hard lemonade. We bought a liter of the white neuer wine. They give you the wine in a reusable plastic jug. It’s much like growlers for all my Denver/Boulderites (shoutout!)

A liter of wine was only 2€ (That’s more than a traditional American bottle of wine for $2.70, so YES this is a good deal.) We were feeling pretty cool about our purchase until grandma behind me handed the wine guy two FOUR-liter jugs to be refilled. (I’ll do the math for you… that’s the equivalent of nearly 11 bottles of wine.)

Since the season for this stuff is less than 2 months, these Germans don’t mess around come fall. All I imagine is these gray heads shitfaced for 2 months on new wine, considering it doesn’t keep and you have to drink it pretty quickly after buying it.

We then ate Kasewurst (cheese filled hotdogs) and drank coffee. We had just gone grocery shopping so didn’t need anything, except eggs (turns out Dan and I love to cook with eggs and go through quite a bit.) So we ended up getting a dozen here at the market. And I like to live life on the edge. What’s riskier than transporting 12 eggs 2 miles home in your satchel?

After doing the rounds, we bought a bouquet of fresh flowers and headed home to count how many eggs I had left.

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