Monday, September 30, 2013

Neuleiningen, Germany

After the farmers market, we headed to Neuleiningen where Rudi Rüttger Winery is. (About a 25-minute drive)

I actually went to the same winery 2 years ago when I visited Lauren while she lived in this area. It was a shitshow so much fun, so I knew I needed to bring Dan.

Rudi Ruttger is a small family owned winery dating back to 1643. We didn’t need an appointment and were pleasantly greeted by a young man very curious about our lives.

Ruti Rüttger Winery

He brought us into the tasting room, asked us what kind of wines we liked and pulled out 6 different bottles. He explained it was self pour (read: all you can drink?) and if there was anything on the list we were interested in trying, just to let him know. He then left us to our drinking. It was a fantastic experience. He was helpful, educational and gave us our space. Dan and I discussed that they probably sell more wine based on their relaxed tasting experience.

We bought 9 bottles.

This place was truly a family owned business. I asked the man what his name was and he replied, “It’s right there on the bottle.”

“What?” I asked suspiciously inspecting the bottles.

“My name is Rudi, or Rudolph. We’re all Rudi’s around here.”

I thought this was fucking awesome.

The winery was right next door to the Neuleiningen Castle, so we went exploring after getting slightly wine drunk.

The castle, finished in 1241 standing at an elevation of 4,000 feet, was destroyed by the French in 1690 and has been in ruins ever since.

From the castle lookout tower, there are outstanding views of the Upper Rhine Plain to the east behind the vineyard-covered hills and the Palatinate Forest mountains to the west. You can also see the villages of Sausenheim and Kleinkarlbach below Neuleiningen.

Views from the castle: 

Well that's descriptive.

"My head is bigger than yours"
Conversations at castle watchtowers

Pic Pic means picture of someone taking a picture.
It's something that is probably WAY funnier to me that it will ever be to you.
It was a great afternoon and resulted in refilling our wine rack. Win! 

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