Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dino-Spotting in Kaiserslautern

We went to the Gartenschau in Kaiserslautern yesterday. Translated, that means Garden Show. It’s home to the largest open-air dinosaur exhibition in Europe. There are more than 80 life-like dinosaur replicas in this park (Neumühle Park).
Their website declares the replicas are state-of-the-art models and show the evolution of the dinosaurs in different geological ages from Devon to Cretaceous. I’m not a dinosaur expert, so I’m going to believe them. 
It was the most ridiculous and amazing thing I’ve ever seen. It was just so utterly silly- so absurd that you had to appreciate it. The fantastic fall day helped along the appreciation.
Since we’re basically in a forest there is so much neature around us. It’s a beautiful place to be this time of year. Each tree is at a different stage of changing which makes for so many different colors. Plus the air is so crisp… so autumn. You get the point. Unless you live somewhere tropical and don’t have all four seasons. Then, sorry about that because having four seasons is awesome, although my tune may change come the middle of inevitable gray German winter when I’m shivering in a onesie next to the exposed metal heater that may or may not work.
I digress. These pictures say it all.  

If I'm looking at creepy dinosaur replicas all day, you know I'm going to need a drink

This obviously happened. 

Told ya. Fall time. 
[I'm forever curious, relentlessly asking "why??!!". I'm not going to say I did extensive research, but I did my fair share of googling, "why is there a dinosaur exhibition in Kaiserslautern". No answers.]
More information about the Gartenschau if you’re curious:
The Garden started, when in 2000 the city hosted the first Horticultural Fair and it was such a success, it was logistical to install the Gartenschau as a reoccurring event. (It’s open from April-October every year, with seasonal events taking place each month.)
[It previously was an unused yarn spinnary and slaughterhouse. Humm...]
Beyond the Dinosaur Exhibit, also within the Gartenschau there is Kaiserberg (Emperor’s Hill), which takes some hiking to get to. It looks over the entire city with spectacular views. In includes ecological and agricultural displays, fields of fruit and vegetable cultivation, a medicinal herb garden, a farmer’s garden, a vinyard and a bird protection area. The biggest highlight of Kaiserberg is the willow chapel. It’s built completely from live willows, which is unique to this part of Germany.
Among the “roaming” dinosaurs there is also a mini golf course, a swimmable Kneipp-basin, a lawn theater, many loungy deck chairs, a beer garden, sport fields and extensive playgrounds.
It is called a garden after all. The look of the garden is constantly changing due to the variety of flowers. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and crocuses oh my! It seems the tulips take over the garden in the springtime turning the entire park into one large paradise of tulips. See you then weird dinosaur garden! 
Cool little forest house. Please make note of dino-prints.

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