Sunday, October 13, 2013

DIY Recycled Travel Items

((While this isn't a left over travel goodie, I like the look and made it into a magnet for our fridge.))
How to: 
--Find an image online of your state/country/figure
--Fade it out, darken it, etc 
--Find an old book, rip a page out, put in printer and PRINT
--Slap some sticker magnets on the back 

If you're like me, after every trip you come home with pamphlets, maps, travel guides and trinkets. Below are some projects to help you reuse those items to showcase them around the house. 


I save coasters, memorable wine labels, cutouts of monuments and even leftover change and turn them into magnets.

Cut them out, throw a magnet on the back (you can find these at craft stores or reuse old flat ones you already have) and Voila! Instant travel art, plus it's functional!


Like most women in my mid-20's I'm obsessed with instagram. In order for some of my travel-grams (get it?!) can live beyond an app, I created some wall art.

How to: 
--Find a canvas of any size and paint, including the sides. Let dry! 
--While that's drying, find your favorite instagrams.
--Do some math. What's the size of your canvas? How many instagrams do you want on your canvas? 
--After you have that figured out, you have two options.
Option 1: You can print each instagram off separately at the size you determined and arrange on canvas. 
Option 2: (Which I find easier) Arrange all your instagrams in a word document and print off as one large picture. 
--After you've finished with one of the options, cut out your image or images
--Spread Mod Podge on the dried canvas (Don't have Mod Podge? Me either. Mix 1 part water to 2 parts glue. Here's a tutorial.)
--Now place your image(s) on the canvas. Try your best to get rid of any bubbles created by the glue
--Let dry
--Once dry, add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the pictures (yes it will appear white and scary like it will never go away... it will once it dries) 
--After that dries, make sure all the corners are stuck down to the canvas... if not, add a little more Mod Podge
--Hang and admire 


This is my favorite travel craft I've done- and it's super simple!

--Measuring tape
--Hammer and Nails 
--Twine, string, or yarn 
--Clothes pins

How to
--I measured the distance between the rows of string, and marked with a pencil 
--Get to hammering your nails in the pencil marked spots 
--Tie twine, string, or yarn between coordinating nails 
--Clothes pin your maps to it 
--It's that simple 


How to
--Buy cork coasters at the craft store (you can even buy a large cork piece and cut into coaster shapes)
--Cut your maps or even left over travel brochures the size of the coasters
--Mod Podge the coaster, place the map on top
--Let dry
--Mod Podge the top of the map
--Optional: If you have clear acrylic sealer spray I would recommend giving each one a little taste of that


I love trinkets. But I'm also rational and understand how completely useless they are. I also understand that no matter how they're marketed, no your friend doesn't want that as a souvenir. Your mom doesn't want it either. She will act like she does, because she's your mom. But really she's thinking "what the hell am I going to do with this? She lives in Germany and got me this tiny version of a church, wtf?"

Anyway.... I've created a way to put my trinkets to use. 

A key holder! (If that wasn't clear.)

How to
--Find something to use as the base. I found a scrap piece of wood
[Side note: Here in Germany I don't have the full rainbow of colors I did in the States. So I just wanted to take a moment and brag about how many color combinations I have mastered through just a few primaries. Ok, back to the project.]
--Let dry
--Use glue to secure your trinkets to the base.
--Let dry
--Hang and use
--Trinkets and useful?! Take that, mom!


  1. I love, love, love these ideas! Especially the Instagram art...thanks for sharing!

  2. No problem! Thank you for checking it out! I do know how you love a good instagram. I checked out the video you told me about... hilarious!


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