Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hitscherhof Farm, Maßweiler, Germany

Hooray! Pumpkins! It’s fall time and that means all things pumpkin. In Germany, finding a pumpkin has not been an easy task. I thought I would be able to find one at the Gartenschau but they were only for creepy decoration and not for buying.

The stores have a few, but they’re pretty picked over. After pouring over the Living in Germany forums, I came across a link to Hitscherhof Farm

It was a 40-minute drive from Kaiserslautern, and quite scenic. There were bright green rolling hills decorated with brown, orange and red trees, their leaves swirling in the wind, lightly bouncing off our windshield. It was like a goddamn commercial advertising AUTUMN. 

When we arrived, I was in heaven.

The Farmer was very friendly. Unfortunately, the actual pumpkin patch was flooded, but he had already picked out hundreds of pumpkins and gourds that we could go through.

We bought some perfectly sized pumpkins, a handful of gourds for decoration, pumpkin bratwursts and a bottle of pumpkin champagne. If that’s not a pumpkin patch success, I don’t know what is!

THIS is a hilarious story about gourds, thanks to Michelle for passing it along! 
Warning: strong language

Knowledge bomb about Halloween in Germany:

A few years ago, Halloween was a completely unknown tradition in Germany, but it gains popularity every year.  So it’s becoming increasingly more common for children to carve pumpkins, dress in costume and go trick-or-treating. This is probably why there aren’t pumpkins piled up outside every grocery store. Although, Germans LOVE pumpkin soup and having “who has the biggest pumpkin” contests. Just to be clear, ‘pumpkin’ in the previous sentence was not a euphemism.

Here’s a picture of the winners we saw while at the Gartenschau

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  1. I have to laugh because almost the same picture of the giant pumpkin at the Gartenschau:


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