Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What I Learned at Oktoberfest

[A kind of follow up to How To: Prepare for Oktoberfest]

Don’t sleep in
It’s Oktoberfest after all, so get your booty out of bed and get in line early!

Tip your waitresses
They’re you’re besties and your boozing lifeline, so treat them well!

I should have learned these songs
You will sing them a lot!

That lederhosen investment was worth it
It was fun dressing up and instantly made me fit right in

Bring cash
You’ll spend a lot of it

Pace yourself
Harder to say than do. I tried my best and it was worth it. I remember all the details!

You’ll need something to soak up all that liquid. Then menus in each of the tents are great, as are the MASSIVE pretzels being brought around.

Know where the bathrooms are
You’ll use them a lot. Once you break that seal… it’s all over.

Make friends
People at Oktoberfest are an interesting bunch, get to know them. You might even land yourself a free chicken.

Eventually….get out of the tent
Go exploring in Munich, go exploring the festival. Surprisingly, it has more to offer than steins of beer. (I recommend the champagne tent, roasted almonds, and the rides!)

Have fun (but 2 days is plenty)
I had a blast and so will you...well next year because it's over now. 

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