Thursday, November 21, 2013

Before I Die

This is one of the coolest art projects I have ever seen. I want to give a shoutout to a friend over at Around the Wherever for making me aware of this.

*   *   *

Candy Chang is an artist who is passionate about how our public spaces can help us make sense of our lives. Which I think it a pretty beautiful thing to be passionate about.

After loosing someone she loved, Candy went through a long period of depression and grief. She wanted a daily reminder of what really matters and to understand what’s important to the people around her.

With the help of friends, she painted the side of an abandoned house in her New Orleans neighbored with chalkboard paint and stenciled the sentence “Before I die I want to ______________.” Anyone walking by could pick up a piece of chalk and share their personal aspirations in this public space.

It was widely popular and after many requests, she created a toolkit to help people make a wall for their community. Today, over 400 Before I Die walls have been created in over 25 languages in more than 60 countries.

Check out the site here! See if it has been featured in your city, if not, download the template and create it yourself!

*   *   *

I was walking around downtown Kaiserslautern and came across the Before I Die wall, although here it is Bevor ich sterbe möchte ich. Like I said, I love this art project and couldn’t resist not being involved.


  1. I have never heard of this before, how cool.. i am going to check out the site..

    1. Yes! Please do, I think it's so beautiful. Thanks for stopping by!


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