Friday, November 22, 2013

How To: Prepare for Overnight House Guests

We have some guests coming into town this weekend- two of Dan’s good good friends from Fort Collins (shoutout!). My friends, I could throw on the couch or an air mattress (probably even the floor) and we’d stay up all night talking, not giving hoot where we end up sleeping.

But with his friends, I want to make a good hosting impression since I’m still teetering on the whole ‘do we like her yet’ girlfriend stage. To be honest, they probably love me (duh), but I like planning, so below are my tips for preparing for guests.  (I had a little help from A Beautiful Mess)

Buy a bed frame (and mattress) for goodness sake; this isn’t your college dorm room.

Wash some towels, or better yet, buy some new ones

  Put snacks and drinks in the room.

Print off the wifi password. You don’t have to get fancy, but I guarantee I’ll get bonus points with this baby

Often forgotten toiletries (toothbrush, shower gel, ibuprofen for those late party nights)

Books/ Magazines about the place they're visiting

Other items to make it more comfortable. Pen and paper, flowers, candles, alarm clock and these awesome DIY mountains I made with scrap wood.

This picture is the honey badger of the group. He is just doing what he wants, not following my
formatting rules. All my HTML is escaping me, and I can't figure out how to force him to
coorporate. Fine, honey badger, you win.

Have a loose interary planned. If you're not going to show them around yourself, print off a map and details about public transportation along with a spare set of keys. 

*   *   *

We plan on showing our guests the great things Germany has to offer. Some of my favorites! Heidelberg, Strasbourg (technically not Germany, but still a goodie), Rudi Ruttger, Castles, and of course vacation eating and drinking! 


  1. What madness is this?! All I can say is I never had a better night sleep than when I slept on your air mattress with the dryer running all night. Love you

    1. Haha! Well Dan even made the comment, he was like, "Are you feeling guilty that Kelly had to sleep on that half deflated air mattress in the empty room, while they get all of this... a real guest room?" I was like... well I wasn't, but NOW I am! Glad you liked it!

  2. This is insane. I'm jumping on the next flight to crash this party and steal all the chocolate bars before Dan's friends can get their grubby paws on 'em,

    1. HAHA! I'll bring you some back. But yes! You would have been so impressed with my guest room! It's waiting for you and Gbabes now!

  3. This is a cute post. Love the turkey wine corks!

    1. Thanks! I saw them as a place holder craft for Thanksgiving and since we aren't doing a big dinner, I made them as welcome gifts.

  4. I wish I'd had time to keep up with your posts earlier- we completely felt the love and effort you put into our visit! I wouldn't trade that comfie bed or thoughtful amenities for the world, but we would have been equally happy commandeering the couches or floor space :-)

    (and yes we love you already)


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