Saturday, November 16, 2013

How To: Recycle Lederhosen

For Oktoberfest I wore lederhosen. When I received them in the mail, they were far too long. The shorts were nearly covering my knees and that simply would NOT do. If my St. Pauli Girls weren’t going to make an appearance like all the other ladies at Oktoberfest, I was going to show some leg.

So the day before the fest, I tried rolling the shorts up and then tried rolling them under, but the leather was too thick. Then I asked my bestie Jamie for some advice and she said, “Just use scissors!” (Direct quote was actually: “I say take a knife to it and cut it in half. Shorten that shit up!”)

I chopped about 5 inches of leather off each leg and they were perfect!



Despite the weird filtering and different times of day these pictures were taken, they are in fact all the same purse/color


This is actually the first attempt of the chevron necklace which which terribly wrong.

If this were twitter, I would get this trending: #leathercraftslikeaboss

Email me if you’re interested in the “How-To” of any of the above and I’ll send you my inspiration/directions. (You will need a leather hole punch, which I didn’t know existed… so there’s that.)

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