Monday, November 4, 2013

I Just Spent Two Dollars & Twenty Cents to use the Bathroom at the Train Station (and other Adventures in Zurich)

So, yes, it is true how expensive Switzerland is. It’s jaw dropping how pricy it is. The first time I went, I didn’t notice how expensive things were mainly because Dan and I drank at dive bars and ate gas station sandwiches for dinner.

This trip was to party with my best friend, Shannon. She works for an international company and was there for a week on business. Sigh. To say, “oh you know, I’m going to Zurich for the week on business.” She’s a super badass.

I took a 4-hour train to meet her for the weekend. It was fantastic. I was able to meet all the amazing people she works with, check out Zurich nightlife and DANCE.

Some great things about the weekend in no particular order:
  • Raclette – seriously my new favorite food
  • Rooftop house parties
  • Interesting people
  • Seeing mountains
  • Mimosas and brunch buffets
  • Fancy, innovative designer hotels
  • Local friends
  • Lake Zurich
  • 10-hour drinking/dancing/conversation binges
  • Swiss chocolate and cheese, sometimes together
  • Late night doner kebaps


  1. Whoa, I thought that 70 euro cents was expensive for a bathroom break! I hope that the bathroom was super gemuetlich for that much! BTW, I noticed that you mentioned being interested in meeting other people around KL. I'm in KL. If you'd like to meet for a coffee/beer/whathaveyou with another expat, drop me a line :) fine line farms at yahoo dot com (obviously that would be all smooshed together and properly punctuated)


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