Monday, November 11, 2013

Strasbourg, France

I am consistently crazy impressed with each new place we go. Strasbourg was no different.

It was beautiful. It looked like if Paris and Germany had a baby with Amsterdam like features.  Paris, Amsterdam and (most of) Germany are my favorite places in Europe, so of course I was instantly in love.

“I had eye boners all day” Dan would later tell me. (It’s his charming eloquence that really drew me to him…)

Upon walking into the city center, you’re greeted with this massive beauty:

It’s one of the finest examples of late Gothic architecture. Now, I’m not an architecture expert, but in my 4 months here I’ve seen my fair share of churches and this thing was phenomenal.

The inside was breathtaking (that’s a travel writing word no no by the way). And I would agree because if it was true, I would be dead.

I digress. The stain glass was captivating as was the ornate gold trimmed organ hanging high above the pews. I took a picture. We think we got photo bombed by the Holy Ghost. That, or there was a raindrop on my lens. You be the judge.

I’m still in late summer travel wear mode. I wore a light sweater with a coat, rolled up jeans and flats without socks. It.was.freezing.

It was raining, and I can handle rain, but this was cold and windy rain. I put Dan’s socks and extra jacket on and bought mittens at a souvy shop. He had to buy a man scarf to keep his neck/head warm. YES! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to convince him to get a man scarf?!? Thank you cold French weather!

We got a map from the tourist office and followed their outlined walking tour around the old town. Short and sweet and beautiful. Perfecto. Strasbourg has this small town feel with local food, art, music and glühwine vendors scattered throughout the cobblestone streets. I felt such a sense of coziness and comfort walking around the city, which was relaxing. 

It's as if Strasbourg was created by taking the things I love about Paris, Germany and Amsterdam (French speakers, cobblestones, German architecture, small rivers resembling canals, boats, flammkuchen, glühwine, a gothic cathedral, bike friendly streets, and lots of trees) and omitting the things I didn't (crowds, traffic, pollution, tourist trappy).

I would definitely recommend seeing Strasbourg. Especially if you're in the Kaiserslautern area. It takes under 2 hours to get there- another great day trip! 

[Notification: the written portion of this blog is over. Below is an excessive amount of pictures. I really wanted share what I captured while there, as words I feel could never truly express how much I adored it.]

man scarf!!

Oh, and duh it’s France so we got road trip éclairs.


  1. Found you on Bloppy Bloggers. Thanks for taking us with you to this beautiful city. You always hear so much about Paris that it's nice to see a place that isn't talked about so much. I love the architecture, especially of the houses along the water.

    1. Thank you for commenting! I know, the houses are beautiful. I kept shouting, "look at those adorable shutters!" as if I had never seen shutters before.

  2. Hi Melissa! I LOVE reading your posts and especially enjoy your humorous writing style! do you get the text on your photos? Is it an iphone app? :) Miki

    1. Thanks! I appreciate your comment. I love reading yours as well. Kelly told me a bit about Sarajevo and I was happy to read more about it on your site. I have a app for the words call Rhonna Designs. I think you have to pay for it, but it's totally worth it! Enjoy!


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