Monday, November 18, 2013

Women’s Club Cultural Event

LV M 1213
For the cultural event this week, we went to see Edelgard Löscha, a famous and very talented painter and sculptor. She has a studio behind her house in Steinwenden, a small village near Ramstein.

I really enjoyed her work. Her abstracts weren’t canvases haphazardly splashed with bright colors like I’ve seen in the past. (I am in no way educated what so ever on art style and these are most likely definitely widely inappropriate generalizations, so I apologize in advance to any artists that are cringing right now at my ignorance on the subject).

Bottom line, her abstracts were beautiful as were her sculptures. She receives her sculpture materials from roof scrapes. The German word is Blei, which I’m 95% sure translates to lead.

She would take the material and hammer the backside to form the shape she was after (as lead can be very flexible and somewhat easy to manipulate). To me, they had a delicate feminine style to them. Despite her work having mixed reviews, I loved them; and if it weren’t for the hefty price tags, I probably would’ve brought one home.

After visiting her studio, we all went to a cute little coffee and cake shop in Ramstein to snack and chat. Duh, my two favorite things.

Photo Credits to Edelgard Löscha

LV M 1205
LV Pb 1202


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