Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Frankfurt Has Big Buildings

We didn’t realize what a small, short town we lived in until we went to Frankfurt.

*  *  *  *

My flight to USA was early, so we decided to get a hotel in Frankfurt, check out the Christmas Market and have one last hurra by way of eating street side bratwursts and drinking expensive cocktails.

“What’s your favorite whisky?” Dan asked the hoity bartender <-- rookie mistake

So the whisky came super fancy, and the 25-year scotch bottle was set in front of him. In our hazy state, we entertained running out on the tab.

Me: But we need to do it before we get the bill or it will look too suspicious

Dan: But I want to know how much the shot is

Me: Me too! The suspense would kill me (we both assumed $50)

Dan: Maybe we find a menu, look it up and then go

Me: OK

Then we simultaneously realized that’s just not us. The guilt would destroy us. So we paid the bill and our enemies suspense and guilt did not get the best of us.

The shot cost? Thirty delicious dollars.

But back to the buildings. Huge, modern skyscrapers made us feel tiny and back in downtown Denver. And this one made us feel like we were in Gotham City.

We really dug Frankfurt and plan on going back soon to get all touristy on that city. 

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