Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How to Get to Berlin like a Hipster

Take the MeinFernBus. If Germany had PBR, everyone on that bus would be drinking it (out of the can of course). There could not be more bed headed, thick black-rimmed glasses and plaid shirt wearing people in one place. Well… probably at a show for a band you’ve never heard of, but you get the point. 

As I began researching my options on how to get to Berlin, this is what I discovered:

Plane ** 209€ ** 1.5 Hours ** (Plus the time and extra 40€ it takes to get to and from the airport from Kaiserslautern)

Train ** 170€ ** 5.5 Hours ** (Plus the inconvenience of changing trains a couple of times)

Bus ** 50€ ** 9 Hours (Direct)

The way I was going to get to Berlin was glaringly obvious. Yea, 9 hours in a bus is a long time. But I got books to read and articles to write and crafts to make and naps to take. Not to mention I felt completely at home with those other cheapo travelers as we shared organic gummy bears and debated Jack Kerouac’s best novel. 


  1. Melissa, I'm am extremely excited to have found your blog! I've been living in Frankfurt since Oct 2013 with my husband- and we are in the same shoes, he works and I explore. Your "getting to Berlin" post is perfect- we are planning on a long weekend there soon and taking the bus!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! The bus was great... long, but it has wifi and you just stock up on snacks. Have fun there!!


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