Monday, December 9, 2013

Nazi Amphitheater Heidelberg, Germany

Photo Credit: Tommy Miles
The Heidelberg Thingstätte (also known as The Nazi Amphitheatre) is an open-air amphitheatre built in 1935 by the Nazi party and was designed by Heidelberg native Albert Speer.

The Nazi Party used it during WWII for rallies and solstice festivals.

Now preserved as a monument, it is still used for many festivals and cultural events throughout the year. The acoustics are exceptional; we could hear Jes speaking from the stage while we were high in the audience.

When we went, it was a cold, grey November day. We were the only people there, so it provided excellent picture taking opportunities. As we were about to leave, it started snowing.

It was the most beautiful snow I’d ever seen. The snowflakes were huge falling slowing, softly. Being the only 4 people in this massive amphitheater, it felt like we were in a snowglobe- the snow eloquently engulfing us in its enormous flakes. (holy alliteration! yes, I totally used right click thesaurus on that last sentence...) 

View from the stage.

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