Thursday, December 19, 2013

What You Should Do in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton is most meh city I’ve ever been to. It’s not awesome and it’s not awful. It’s just meh. However, Lauren and Tyler are not meh, so they have discovered the most un-meh things to do there.

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Go to 2nd Street Market. They gather local growers, bakers and culinary specialists into a historic freight house. They have a big selection of different local food, and my first stateside sandwich did not disappoint.

If you’re on a beer run or interested in trying something new, go to Belmont Party Supply. They have a HUGE selection of specialty beer, which was perfect as I was in great need of some flavor with my beer. Have each of your friends buy a couple different kinds and have a beer tasting that night.

Eat at Haha’s Pizza. It’s been around since the 70’s and you might even have a Dave Chappell spotting. It’s in Yellow Springs, which apparently is the butt of frequent hippy jokes in Ohio. All was lost on me. 

Since you’re already in Yellow Springs, check out the brewery with the same name. It opened earlier this year and is in an old concrete block building. I like my breweries to feel a bit industrial, and Yellow Springs was exactly that, with a few modern and cozy touches. The beers were good and I even brought my dad a half growler of the Winter Warmer #10percentya’ll.

Go have some laughs at The Funny Bone. The comedians were decent for a small town. Lauren and I shared a bottle of wine, loosening up our sense of humor so that by the end we were having quite a few belly laughs.

And obviously hang out with this guy. Unless you’re a stranger and I don’t know you. But seriously, the reason I was in Dayton was to see him along with his moms and pops.

I had a great weekend with them, and will see you guys soon in Rome, NY. 

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