Friday, January 24, 2014

Prague At Night

The first night we arrived in Prague at midnight. I tried to convince Dan to go out, but after 3 hours of sleep and a 5-hour drive, I understood this was probably not the best idea. However, the next night it was Saturday night and we had a 2-hour nap under our belts and were ready to party.

We’re too old to dance party party, so we found a fun underground bar called Black Angel’s Bar in the basement of the Hotel Prince U. They said no pictures so I swiped this one off the internet and then sneaky like took a picture of our fancy cocktails.

They had a great menu, good service, and a piano player playing covers from Adele and The Beatles and Lady Gaga and Tom Petty. He was very well rounded. And I apologize (or say you’re welcome?) because we didn’t take any selfies. Gasp, I know. 

I'm glad someone gave us the recommendation to check out the Hotel Prince, otherwise I would've been completely overwhelmed by our bar choices. Prague has a great nightlife and I only wish we were able to see more of it. 

These were just sitting on the table... um, yes please. 

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