Monday, January 20, 2014

Prague, Czech Republic

dreary, overcast day looking to the Prague Castle from St. Charles Bridge
I’ve heard that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. People say it’s their favorite city in Europe. It’s the party city of Europe. It’s a must-see of Europe.

Unfortunately Prague didn’t sneak into my soul and ignite any tourist excitement in me. It’s not Prague’s fault. I think it really has the potential for me to find it amazing.

The trip was thrown together very last minute; therefore I didn’t do any prior research. I didn’t get to understand what it’s all about; I didn’t get to know local favorites and top site seeing spots. We walked into the city blind.  

I will say that Prague plays a bit hard to get. I get a sense that 1.5 days is not enough to really understand the city. It doesn’t reveal its awesomeness all at once, but gradually over time.  It will take more than 36 hours to fall in love with Prague. And so I leave you with some snapshots of the city. 

Charles Bridge

Old Town Square
Church of our Lady before Tyn
Astronomical Clock
Wenceslas Square
Another view of the Castle
Entrance to Charles Bridge 
National Theatre of some sort

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