Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We Slept in a Barrel in Bad Durkheim, Germany

Dan and I* love camping, but we didn’t get the chance this past summer. So I looked up camping alternatives, or glamping if you will, in Germany (as it is winter).


A camping barrel in wine country. Hashtag winning

This little guy was available on a campground just a mile east of the main city center in Bad Durkheim. We packed a couple bottles of wine, Monopoly Deutschland and 6 blankets (again… it’s winter) and set up for an overnight IN A BARREL.

Yes... we lit candles in our temporary home made entirely of wood. 

Thanks to Dan's parents for those delicious treats.

It was a blast, and considering we didn’t catch it on fire, we’ll probably go again sometime… perhaps when it’s a wee bit warmer.

*By Dan and I, I mostly mean Dan, but I’m always up for camping if it’s only one night and there is a lot of booze, smores, and a piñata involved.

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  1. If Tommy saw this... He would bring you a fire extinguisher :-)


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