Saturday, February 8, 2014

K-town Saturday Ramblings


I haven’t been posting much lately. There are a number of reasons for that. One, we haven’t been travelling too much recently, but we all know I’m more creative than that. Two, I’ve been feeling rather uninspired.  I don’t know if it’s the constant gloomy skies or the uncertainty of our future that’s giving me some writer’s/originality block. I’ve had quite a few projects on my plate lately through volunteering opportunities and writing gigs I’ve found, but once I sit down to actually figure it out…. Nothing.

So to alllll my faithful readers… I apologize; I can’t even lie and give you the lamest one in the book that I’ve been “too busy”. Because I’m not. Sometimes, the end of the day will be coming, the sun will be setting and I will look around and wonder what the hell I did for that past 8 hours. It’s a bit tragic and I feel guilty about it, but not too guilty because it’s not as if I were to complete some big project and just… didn’t. (Although it is times like those that I think of Beyonce)

And as much as I don’t want to call it laziness, because I never ever want to be described as that, I think that’s partially it. I have found that I am rather lazy/unproductive when I don’t have 100 things going on. It’s a lot easier for me to prioritize my day when it’s packed full and every hour must be planned out.

My type A’s and to-do list makers will understand. Shoutout.

Ok, I’m done with the woe is me. I wanted to write this to now give a promise to stop being lazy. To stop giving excuses. To try harder. To write more.

Danke for reading. 


  1. Don't beat yourself up too much: whatever you've been doing in place of wowing us with your stories and adventure will surely come together in a few beautifully creative blogs before you know it. There is necessity in stopping: stop the mind, stop the activity, stop it all and just process all the wonderful things you've experienced the last 8 months since leaping across the Atlantic.

    1. Thanks for your words Jes! They definitely helped. Hope you're well :)

  2. Feel free to visit Frankfurt and get some Chipotle! Mexican food will always make you feel like you did something worthwhile that day! It would be great to make a new friend!

    1. Oh... yum! Chipolte. My favorite. When I do make the trip, I will let you know!


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