Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunday Walk Through Madrid

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Madrid is the capital and largest city in Spain. It’s the third largest city in the European Union, which surprised me. (Anyone that guesses the other two without Google gets a postcard.) Madrid has a really modern infrastructure but has preserved the look and feel of its historic neighborhoods. Sunday was our free day to explore.

From our apartment, which was in central Madrid, we headed east towards Buen Retiro Park. We stopped for café con leche and the most delicious apple pastry I’ve ever had. (And living in Germany, I assure you I’ve had my fair share of apple pastries.)

We headed to Paseo del Prado where there are a ton of fancy buildings, fountains and statues. The Prado Museum being one of them. If we had stayed one more day, I would’ve loved to check out this museum. It’s the Spanish National Art Museum and houses the world’s finest collections of European Art and said to be one of the greatest art museums ever. Ever!

* * *

After walking around that area, we headed down Calle de Alcala towards the Puerta de Alcala (or Alcala Gate) in Independence Square and near the entrance of Buen Retiro Park.

Knowledge Bomb: In the late 18th century, Madrid was a somewhat aesthetically drab villa surrounded by medieval walls. In 1774, King Charles III commissioned Francesco Sabatini to construct a monumental gate in the city wall to which a road to the city of Alcala was to pass through, replacing an older, smaller, uglier gate that was nearby. 

Buen Retiro Park literally translates to “Park of the Pleasant Retreat”. It is giant and beautiful and filled with people, monuments, statues, galleries and a lake where adorable tourists and locals were paddling about (or some hardcore making out.)

Retiro Pond (a large artificial pond) in front of Monument to Alfonso XII

A glass pavilion inspired by London's Crystal Palace

Dan and I decided we would definitely hang out there all the time. There is a ton of picnic spots and entertainers, running paths galore and of course a wine and tapas bar.

*  *  *  *

After the park, we headed to El Rastro, the Sunday Flea Market (much to Dan’s delight!) and found some cool art souvenirs to bring home. 

It's seriously this bonkers. Photo Credit.

After this, we were both seriously hungry, so we stopped at a café for lunch and wine. And then this happened.

All photos are compliments of Dan Both unless otherwise noted. 


  1. You know I lack geography skills, but good thing I'm marrying an atlas. Gabi says Berlin and London?

    1. Your little Euro knows what's up! You win!


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