Monday, March 24, 2014

That One Time We Went Grocery Shopping In France

Cora is a retail group based in Belgium that owns many supermarket and hypermarket chains internationally. The majority of their stores are in France, which just happens to be a short drive from us. Many people have told us about this super store, including Lauren, she said her and the hubs came here to load up on wine. Now you know why we’re besties…both so willing to take a 40-minute road trip to stock our wine racks.

So we headed across the border to Cora, which is in a town called Forbach. To make it a legit “day trip” we went to their downtown area to have lunch. The only place that appeared to have anything besides pastries and espresso was a kepab shop. So we ate Turkish food in France.

Now, on to the grocery store! It was giant giant, and much different than the little German market I go to on the daily. Our main goal was wine (which was held in a separate wine tent outside the store, but thought we would peruse the aisles).

We picked up a few noteworthy things:
Cauliflower (because I cannot find it anywhere here)
Coffee (because they had a bigger selection than just obscure German maybe Italian branded bags. Ethiopian? Colombian? Don’t mind if we do)
Cheese (because it’s France)
Bread (in baguette form because again, it’s France)
Wine (duh)

We then headed home. Once we were across the border back in Germany, it was clear that we had pissed off some sort of karmic German grocery gods. We were stuck in a stau (traffic jam) for 2 hours.

But it was worth it because THIS was our dinner. Nom nom nom we’re sooo French tonight! 

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