Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weinbergnacht, Bad Durkheim, Germany

Night time. Miles of vineyards. 20,000 people. 24 wine tents. Minimal but magical lights.

That describes the Weinbergnacht (vineyard night) in Bad Durkheim. It was a 6km trail through illuminated vineyards starting at dusk. There were trails connecting all wine tents throughout the vineyard-y hills, along with snack tents.

The ticket to the event included 15 wine tastings. At first, I thought well that surely won’t be enough. Then I remembered I was in Germany where there is certainly a difference in wine pours, so by the end I was thinking, yes, that was definitely enough. Plus we supplemented between each tent with another bottle of wine or 3.

It was a crazy fun event but perhaps a little chaotic. I went with a few people I knew, many I didn’t. It was a Meet Up event with 12 or 13 people total. Let me tell you- corralling 12 tipsy strangers all with different agendas and senses of direction in the dark for 5 hours is…. interesting, but friendship making worthy.

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