Thursday, April 24, 2014

24 Hours in Brussels

I have been to Brussels before, but Brussels is a cool, beer filled city, so why not.

Kelly, Dan and I pilled in the car and off we went for a little road trip. Brussels doesn’t have any spectacular site seeing musts (even Manneken Pis is a little meh) but they do have some spectacular bars, with delicious BELGIUM BEER.

We rented an apartment right near the city center with a spectacular view and no toilet paper. It was right around the corner from Delirium Café, so we were there within 20 minutes of arriving in the city. Below are pictures of the next 24 hours we spent there eating, drinking, walking. 

Favorite bar ever! Delirium Cafe.
View of town hall from our apartment 
Obviously a selfie happened.
Grand Place

Grand Place
Space Invader!!
Obligatory Manneken Pis picture
Leopard print building I was OBSESSED with (or is that giraffe?)

Thanks Brussels for another good time :) 


  1. You're damn RIGHT you have been to Brussels before!!!!!!!!!

    1. HAHA. And that time was pretty epic. I only had like 5 different Belgium beers this trip instead of one hundred. In the same night...


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