Saturday, April 26, 2014

K-Town Saturday Ramblings

So, as you know from the previous ramblings, Kelly and Shannon were in town. It was so so fantastic to have them here. They got a glimpse inside my world- something I’ve wanted to share with people. And not just any people, but my best.friends.

Plus, there was some much needed girl time catch up seshes. It really does a body good to drink a bottle of wine with your besties, talking about anything that enters your brain not worrying if it will offend them. That part, right there, is what friends are for.

Plus, it’s a great feeling knowing when you’ll see them again. I don’t have to say goodbye not knowing when the next time I’ll get to say hello will be.

Besides that little visit, I have a lot to look forward to in the next 4 months. In May, Dan and I are meeting friends in Berlin, my family visits in June, something awesome will (probably) happen in July and then I am heading back to Colorado in August for one of the most amazing parties in history, I’m sure of it.

We’re definitely creating quite the life here. We get antsy sometimes thinking about “home” and Denver and getting back there, but then realize we’re young once. We have this amazing opportunity right now and need to take advantage of it. Yes, we’ll probably end up in Denver eventually, but right now…we live in Germany. This is our life and damnit we’re making the most of it as best we possibly can!  

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