Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Konstanz, Germany

Konstanz is located at the western end of Lake Constance in the southwest corner of Germany boarding Switzerland. There were multiple times we were in Germany, then in Switzerland, then in Germany. You can see below the old border crossing.

We decided to stay here because there were some neat sights near Konstanz we planned to check out the next day. We drove into the tiny town and checked into our apartment. It was 9pm, wayyyy past dinnertime, so we had a very balanced meal at the local doner kepab place. We then went to a charming old bar and tried the local beer.

The next day we had every intention of going to Mainau Island. Which in my German travel guide was described as a flower island, with a castle, butterfly pavilion and lots of just…nature. Dan and I love nature, so I thought it would be perfect.

Oh vey. I didn’t think to do any further research. In my mind, we would cross a small bridge onto the island and be immersed in flowers and trees and surrounded by beautiful blue water and we could walk around and be content all in an hours time and then go about our day.

When we drove up to the entrance, there were hundreds of cars being shuttled into the parking lot. Once we walked to the crowd of people, I realized this isn’t what I expected it to be. It was the opposite of what Dan and I like in terms of sightseeing. It costs 20 Euro a person to go to the island, and in order to get your ticket you must stand in the hour long line. There was a picture of the island that included a petting zoo, over priced restaurants and probably a roller coaster. Very American theme parky and not something we were into. So we walked straight back to our car and left.

We weren’t disappointed, just learned a valuable lesson in research that day. BUT Konstanz is a beautiful city on the edge of the water with amazing snow covered Alp views. The Colorado in us went pitter-patter when we saw the mountains. Swoon!

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