Friday, April 4, 2014

Mainz, Germany

Mainz is the capital of the state we live in here in Germany. (Rhineland-Palatinate) Which is actually the reason we went, to visit the Parliament, but more on that later.

Mainz is about an hour from us, and very similar to many cities we’ve been to. They have a cathedral and beer and German buildings and museums. As you may know, I’m not super into museums. I really want to be, but then I get in there and I’m immediately bored and wondering how long I have to stay in there before we can leave. Art museums are a different story. I love loved the Louvre in Paris and Museum Ludwig in Cologne and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

I digress. Mainz is famous as home to the invention of the movable-type printing press. This is actually interesting as it changed the course of human history. The Gutenberg Museum takes a look at the technology that made the world as we know it possible. There are rare pieces of early printed work and a few examples of Gutenberg’s original 42-line bible.

So that held my attention for 30-45 seconds and then I was like, “where’s the gift shop?” in which I bought pop art postcards of Johannes Gutenberg which makes no sense at all, because pop art is irrelevant and nobody really knows what Gutenberg looked like.

So we did that, took pictures of the cathedral, bought wine and flowers at the market and drank beer at the brewery. 

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