Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Kindness of Germans: Sterling Silver

I hadn’t seen Arabella in a month. We usually meet once a week, typically Thursday nights at a different restaurant downtown. Dan joins us if he’s off work.

But I had been travelling and she had been sick; said she looked like a zombie. Which I found to be a hilarious self-description.

Some background: Arabella is a German woman that I met through the Conversation Group I’ve talked about before. Basically a bunch of Germans and Americans get together and speak in English, while the Americans (or me… since I’m usually the only American there) corrects their English. Typically it’s very conversational and sometimes educational, as we work through grammar and the like.

The conversation group doesn’t meet as often as Arabella would like, so I told her I wouldn’t mind meeting her one on one. That was a few months ago. Since then, we’ve met almost every week. One night she even had Dan and I over to her beautiful home for a traditional Korean meal. (She was born in Korea, but grew up in Germany)

She’s a very nice and interesting woman, dedicated to mastering American English. She is curious about the world and about Americans and about Dan and I; always asking us to tell her stories from back home. She’s open and honest and has been since the beginning. She also tells me how much she appreciates me taking the time to ‘speak English with her’.

We had decided to meet at the all you can eat sushi place downtown.

I was already there when she arrived. We exchanged pleasantries and ordered drinks. Then she pulled out a box and gave it to me.

“I have a present for you.”

I opened it and found a beautiful, yet simple sterling silver necklace.

My jaw dropped, “This is for me?”

“Yes, I saw it and thought of you. I thought you would like it.”

“I love it!” I told her, immediately putting it on.


Seriously?! I’ve known this woman for a few months and she’s gifting me jewelry….just because. I don’t know what I expected from new friends here, but they keep surprising me J

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