Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

One of the most well known landmarks in Germany, the Brandenburg Gate reflects the country’s turbulent past and it’s uniting achievements. (says Wikipedia)

In 1806, after the French defeated the Prussian army, Napoleon was like “gimme that” and took the sculpture on top and brought it to Paris as a war trophy.  The Prussian army reclaimed it n 1814 with their victory over the French.

I love stories like that, so simply told. You TOOK a giant statue atop an 85-foot sandstone structure and brought it 655 miles away? Then the other guys came to Paris to reclaim it from wherever it was and brought it 655 miles back, hoisted it back on top the gate and added a bunch of embellishments? Hommies don’t play.  

Anyway, Brandenburg Gate is an icon you just must see while you’re in Berlin. Plus, it’s where many of our walking tours started, a central, known meeting place if you will.

Here are some pictures…mid-day and almost sunset. Enjoy! 

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