Saturday, May 24, 2014

K-Town Saturday Ramblings

Hello loyal readers. I want to apologize for the lack of updates lately. That's a serious blogging DONT. I would say I've been busy but I hate when people say that, so I won't. I will just apologize and then get better. Right now I am in Berlin with my number one and Shannon and Dominic. (yay). We took the hipster bus again. You just can't beat that pricetag. At least this time, I didn't travel solo. There was a lot of card game playing, reading, chatting, music listening, beer drinking and napping (on my part).

So while I'm embracing my hipster dome in Northern Germany... I will leave you with what I've been up too. Consistent updates to come!

 Pictures of flowers someone else took are really boring, but I'm just so excited about spring and summer and flowers and park days.

 The other morning I woke up to find a GIANT spider just sitting on the couch. So I covered him with newspaper until Dan could come home and properly dispose of him. Then like 20 minutes later, I found him here... by the back door. I screamed and then put a pot over him so he really couldn't escape. Typing this is giving me the heebie geebies. (I know there's no reference to properly convey how HUGE it was ... but just imagine like... the size of half your hand... or something a little less embellished.)

We had a date night and I wore red lipstick and my hair flight of seagulls-esque. Dan in turn tried to eat my face? 

 We went to Frankfurt one afternoon. They had a spring festival, so we had some beers and got on the Ferris Wheel. I snapped this cool picture of the Frankfurt skyline.

I previously posted about how beautiful Garmish was! I was there for a conference called AWAG (Americans Working Around the Globe). It's a leadership conference for people that volunteer in Germany...mostly from my area. There were some great seminars and I met some great people. Plus my surroundings weren't too bad either ;)

I've previously told you the story about the Kindergraves. Last Saturday was the annual memorial for the graves. It was a really cool experience. The JROTC lead us into the ceremony, then our club president spoke, head of the Chiefs group spoke, The deputy mayor of Kaiserslautern spoke, and many more. It was just a very cool experience. 

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