Saturday, June 14, 2014

Berlin in Pictures

My boo

So… if you haven’t picked up on it, I went to Berlin. With Dan. We met our great friends Shannon and Dominic there. And it was awesome.

We did all the touristy things. We did some non-touristy things. We drank and we laughed and many o memories were made. Berlin is a seriously cool city. It’s big and modern and hipstery and busy.

I like Berlin, I do. There’s a ton of shit to do and its super interesting. But Dan and I agreed that we have come accustomed to (and love) our narrow cobblestoned old German towns full of character.

With that said, here’s some pictures of the sites and the people; a little glimpse into memories being made. 

Our first night there with our excellent host Laura. Boarding the train selfie!  
At a great roof top sanded bar.



Another train time selfie. About to go on our very un hipster hipster tour

Seriously. Love them.

Dan conveniently spotted a bachelorette party. In Germany they call them Hen Parties. They go around popular areas and sell small bottles of schnapps. Dan bought 10.

Bear Pit Karaoke 

Another selife! 

This is a street performer in Berlin. But not just any street performer. Dan and I wandered together near Brandenburg Gate when he heard something familiar. 

You and I is a song that I first heard in summer of 2012. When I started dating Dan, for some reason it immediately reminded me of him. I think its the simplicity of it. Well... this street performer was playing that not-so-well known song. So we ran over and started dancing and singing along. He loved that we knew the song and had a big smile on his face the whole time. It was pretty awesome. 

**Thanks to Shannon for sharing her pictures.

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  1. Ok. You and I is like our favorite song! I love that a street performer was playing it! It's going to be part of our wedding but not the star so don't worry. In another world where we are blessed with ANY musical ability, Gabs would play ukulele and we would serenade our guests with a duet. But for now we'll just off pitch scream it to each other in the car.


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