Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany

This building was originally built to house the Imperial Diet until it was damaged in a fire in 1933. The reconstruction wasn’t really started until after the German reunification in 1990. It was finally completed in 1999 and is now used as the Parliament.

The process to see this building is… extensive (but free!) First you have to pre-register here for a specific day and time. Once you show up, you go through an airport-esque security line. Then ushered inside a small glass room with a bunch of other people. Then once one set of sliding doors close, another set opens to lead everyone into the main building. Then everyone stands behind a rope until the elevator is ready where it then took everyone to the top where the bottom of the dome begins.

There is an outside area where we snapped some pictures, and then we were able to go inside the dome and walk to the top. There were some amazing views of the city and of the amazing Parliament architecture. 

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