Thursday, June 26, 2014

That One Time the Car Overheated on the Autobahn

We packed up my tiny blue car with myself, Dan, and my family and headed toward Heidelberg for an overnight. My car doesn’t have AC, so it was a blustery ride down the no-speed-limit autobahn.

We were nearly to the Dirty H when I smelt something strange and asked Dan, “Is that our car?” About that same time, the temperature gauge shot up. He pulled off to the next rest stop and opened the hood. Smoke.Was.Everywhere.

I know NOTHING about cars. Nothing. If I was alone and saw all that smoke I would’ve started crying, thought of all the bad things that were about to happen to me and then called an expensive cab to take me home.

My family and I all stood under a tree, cracked some beers and took way to many pictures while Dan MacGyvered the car.

Apparently the radiator hose had a huge tear, and was leaking, causing the car to overheat? I put a question mark because I’m not sure if all those words put together in that sentence means anything at all. They’re just terms I heard floating around at the time.

Ok, I made my point. I don’t know anything about cars.

So while my family and I were chugging beer under a tree, Dan was sweating his arse off fixing my little blue Astra, which we’ve nicknamed the blau frau (the blue lady).

He came up with a genius solution, which impressed my mom, so she snapped some pictures.

Basically he patched the tear with band-aids and a shoestring. And that smart fix is what got us the rest of the way to Heidelberg and back.

Hashtag ThankGoodnessILandedAHandyMan

Here is the photo shoot that happened at the rest stop:

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