Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Color Run, Mannheim, Germany

The Color Run is the most unathletic 5k I’ve ever witnessed. Right next to the check in booth, there was a pop up bar where I saw multiple people double fisting beers. And if they didn’t have two beers, they at least had one, a cigarette in the other hand.

This was happening before you RUN 3 miles. Poppycock!

Perhaps the binge drinking was due to it being a fun run as opposed to a race, although I’ve heard of German marathons where you drink a glass of wine every few miles.


The run was supa fun. I feel I sort of dragged Dan into this at first, but he ended up having a blast. And the color-ers (the people that dumped the different colored powder on you as you ran) really loved his bald head- sprinkling piles of colored powder on him. He loved it.

We walk-ran the whole way, as the paths were narrow- littered with stragglers, strollers and seniors. We crossed the finish line holding hands in true lovebird fashion. (Cue the wrenching noises.)

It was a great day despite the rain, plus we saved a color powder packet for the future. This is how that conversation went:

Me:     Let’s save it and antique one of our friends when we visit Denver this summer
Dan:   Yea, they’ll love that, ‘We’re Home!’ BAM! Yellow powder everywhere...
Me:     Who won’t get mad about that?
Dan:   There’s no one ever that wouldn’t be mad about that
Me:     We need to find someone that already doesn’t like us…

OR VOLUNTEERS! Let me know if you’re interested in being surprised antiqued with yellow powder in August. Also, apologies for the excessive selfies. 

Post Run... A more appropriate time to have a beer?  


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