Saturday, July 5, 2014

Heidelberg Does Not Have Fireworks on Tuesday

Heidelberg is one of my favorite cities in the world in Europe. (The world seemed a little dramatic.) It’s a university town full of character. A charming cobblestoned old town with local boutique hotels, restaurants, breweries, hiking, a river and a CASTLE.

I originally had planned to take the family to H-berg because that week was the Castle Illumination and river fireworks. I assumed the fireworks would be all week long, despite writing an ARTICLE about the event with exact days…

No one cared because Heidelberg is awesome. So we arrived and went to lunch at Vetter 33, a famous brewery to try seasonal brews and their famous 33 beer. Then the castle where we walked around and took some awesome family shots and also one of my mom pretending to chug out of a giant wine barrel… because that’s hilarious.

Then we packed a picnic dinner and headed from where we were staying, across the Neckar River. We found a little spot along the river with an amazing view of the castle. We sat there for a couple of hours while the sun went down. It was absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures to prove it.

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