Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paris in Pictures

When I came to Paris last year I talked about how cliché it was for me to love it. That it being my favorite city is just so... “of course”. But now having lived in Kaiserslautern for over a year, and talking to a lot of people that travel on the regular, I’ve found that many people find it quite unimpressive. Me loving it is rather surprising to them.

Maybe it’s super hyped, so when they arrive, it doesn’t quite meet their expectations and in turn is a huge disappointment. Sure there are a TON of other amazing places in this world. Places way more inspiring, beautiful and impressive. But then again, all those things are relative.

I’ll give them this. Paris is one of the most visited places in the world, making it touristy, expensive, a little dirty and so “of course” but I still love that place.

I think it’s because it means more to me than seeing these wildly famous landmarks and checking off a box on my bucket list. But it could also be that I’ve never stepped in dog poop, waited in a 5-hour line for the Eiffel Tower or had a Parisian be a complete asshole to me.

When I first went to Paris three years ago, it was just this place that gave me awe. It was a place that didn’t seem so foreign that I could picture myself living there, but just foreign enough that it seemed exotic. Blarg. I’m rambling now. All you need to know is I love Paris despite the haters. Cause we all know… haters gon hate. 

Enjoy all these pictures we took while exploring the city in no particular order. 

 Nicole's first Metro ride!

 Picnic time in front of the Tower. We had a great time watching all the con artists. At one point cops came over to break up their game of "where's the ball?" Also... remember the questionably legal act of them selling bottles of booze to tourists. Well, right where we were sitting was a man hole that they kept stashing their bottles every time the cops came around. We loved it. 

My mom insisted that my dad take his sunglasses off for the picture. His payback was making this face...

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