Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rhine Cruise/The Hottest Day Ever

Dan and I went on a Rhine Cruise when I first got to Germany last summer. I went on one with Lauren when I visited her here 3 years ago. I took my mom and her lady friends on one when they visited in October. They’re just that “must see” worthy. So I took the whole fam on a cruise when they came a few weeks ago.

Side story: While my parents were here, it was literally the hottest week in Germany…maybe ever.

Just this direct, non-forgiving sun. If we could actually look at the sun, I’m sure it was giving us a lava hot middle finger. I typically don’t complain too much about the weather because there is absolutely nothing I can do to change it, but this heat was making me seriously pissed off. Really, Germany, you’re gonna give me 2 months of awesome, 70-degree, breezy, summer scarf weather and then when the rents show up you’re up there guns blazing, not a god damn cloud in the sky?! I digress…

We packed a lunch and hopped on the boat finding the last shaded outdoor seats. We immediately ordered a round of icy cold beers. I took the same pictures I took the previous 3 times, so I’ll only bore you with a few.

We stopped in a little German town along the Rhine. It was too hot to do much exploring so we tried our best to stay out of the sun- finding shaded alleys and air-conditioned souvenir shops. I also took way too many pictures on my mom’s phone (much to her annoyance) and made this hilarious gif. 


  1. I am so close to this part of the Rhine, yet I've never done one of the famed cruises! Looks fabulous (but really, really hot).

    1. Yes, very hot that day! Maybe late summer is the best :) You have to do one... they're great!


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