Thursday, July 10, 2014

That One Time We Got Champagne Drunk at the Eiffel Tower

Our last night in Paris, we decided to have a deliciously French dinner, take a nice bottle of champagne to the Champ du Mars with blankets and watch the sun set and the Tower light up.

And, so. That’s what we did. I made reservations at this adorable wine bar around the corner from the Tower. We all had something different, shared a few bottles of wine and even tried snails! (Which we all thought were surprisingly delicious).

I had shoved the champagne and 2 blankets in my purse, so after dinner we found the perfect center view of the Eiffel Tower. The next few hours seriously couldn’t have been better.

We laughed, we joked, we took pictures. It was just one of those ultimate Shock Family nights that I remember from Colorado. Only this time, we were in Paris and mon amour was there too; making it a seriously epic night.


If you know anything about my family you know that one bottle of champagne is definitely not enough for 5 people. Some smarties in Paris have starting doing this illegal brilliant thing where they sell bottles of wine, beer and champagne to all the tourists sitting near the Tower.

While we were drinking our first bottle, many of them came around telling us, 10 Euro, 10 Euro, only 10 Euro…. Ok 5 Euro for you guys. We shooed them away as we were still killing the first bottle.

When we were ready for a second bottle, we waved one of the con artists over. He told us it was 25 Euro. Dan and I immediately started laughing. We told him his friends were selling it for 5 Euro. He countered that his was very cold, that’s why the higher price.

After going back and forth with him for 10 minutes, he realized we were no dummy tourists. “Ok, 5 Euro” he said. I’ll get 75 from another group tonight.”  Quite the business model.

So we drank a second bottle of less quality champagne and continued the laughing and joking and picturing taking until we saw the Tower start to twinkle. Hashtag GreatestNightEver

 My mom is classier than your mom.

 "Does it look like we're holding it?!"
Yes, we were those tourists


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