Thursday, August 7, 2014

Auto Freitag Taught Me Why Bike Shorts Exist

Kaiserslautern had its Auto Freitag last week. That means they shut down a portion of B270 (like the back roads through all the tiny villages) and bicyclers/runners/skate boarders/roller bladders can take advantage of it.

As you know, I recently got a new bike. It should be stated that it is a CRUISER bike, meaning, it has no gears, meaning, I pedal backwards to stop. So I thought this would be a great chance to go on a longer ride and see some fun, cute German back roads.

This guy from work, Slobs, said he would go with me. Our plan was to ride from Kaiserslautern to Lauterecken, which is about 21 miles (see below). From there, we were going to hop on the train to come back to Kaiserslautern.

The ride towards Lauterecken was great, not too hilly and about every 3 miles there were food stands, drink stands and live bands. Those Germans will use any excuse to party.

We were about 6 miles from Lauterecken, and while I wasn’t feeling tried, I was getting pumped that I was almost to the end. Then we see Kristy.

She’s a woman that we work with. We didn’t know she was joining us, and she had taken the train to Lauterecken and was riding back to Kaiserslautern from there.

When we saw her, Slobs asked if we should just ride all the way back with her. Oh vey. I was super excited seeing that finish line, but I don’t mind a challenge. But all those downhills on the way towards Lauterecken are now kicking my ass.

In the end, I completed 27-30 miles. Whew. I’m impressed with myself but even more impressed with my bike.

Tomorrow, my legs will be jello and my booty will be dreaming of those dorky padded shorts, but it’ll be worth it (depending on how long the pain lasts, of course). 

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