Sunday, August 10, 2014

Diner En Blanc

I consider myself very in the know. Especially when it comes to chic, underground events like this. So, I was surprised that I had never heard of it when I did a little research.

Stories vary, but here’s a quick history.

Diner en Blanc originated in Paris 15-20 years ago. This homie wanted to have a picnic with his friends in Bois de Boulogne (a park in Paris.) He had trouble finding them; so the next year, they decided to all wear white in order to find one another.

That was such a success; they decided to make it a yearly thing- encouraging everyone to invite friends. It organically turned into a 10k+ event with the venue changing each year.

It’s basically a secret dinner party- even described as a flash mob dinner party where the location isn’t revealed until the morning of. Then hundreds- sometimes thousands of people meet at the location dressed completely in white. Armed with picnic baskets full of food, tablem chairs and (my favorite!) champagne!

The next few hours people eat, drink and mingle.

Starting in Pairs, Diner en Blanc has now spread across the world to most major cities. Kaiserslautern is in no way a major city, but has surprised me in its hipness and had its 2nd Diner en Blanc a few weeks ago.

I joined some ladies for Kaiserslautern’s Diner en Blanc. We found out that morning it was to be held in Stadtpark (a cute park a few blocks from me). I put my white dress on- packed some appetizers and champagne and hailed a (white!) cab.

It was quite the lovely evening.

If you know me at all- you know that I would never use the adjective “lovely”. Ever. To describe anything. But it’s really the only word that makes sense and could truly describe the night.

Of course, everyone was dressed in white- but each group’s set up was immaculate. Matching crystal dish sets that appear to have been broken out of china cabinets and dusted off just for this occasion. Champagne buckets full of ice and Cristal. (Just kidding- probably less extravagant German sparking wine.)

But it was beautiful. Germans seriously go all out- something I really admire them for. As the sun went down- we ate dessert and sipped champagne by candlelight and soon after celebrated the evening with sparklers.

(I didn't take any pictures at my event, so the above picture is one from where it all started. Additionally, if it isn't clear or you don't know French, Diner en Blanc translates to Dinner in White.)

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  1. I heard about this awhile ago and forgot about it. Fell in love with this idea and must find one to go to! So happy you went!


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