Sunday, August 17, 2014

German Garden Party

I googled the above phrase after I was invited. It didn’t yield any results so I dropped the ‘German’. I didn’t delve into too much research, but basically a Garden Party is fancier than a regular party and most likely held in a garden. And probably originated with the Queen of England- I don’t know this for sure but garden parties sound rather royal.

I was so excited about this Garden Party, I dreamt the night before I was in an extravagant garden wearing a giant hat that matched my outfit. It was something fierce like yellow.

For the real one, I threw on some floral and heels and called it good.

It was very beautiful. Helga did have a pretty epic garden. Plus adorable origami nametags, a delicious spread of food, a crowd sourced musician, surprise gifts and afternoon coffee and cake. (You’re mistaken if you think a party ever existed in Germany without coffee and cake.)

It was a ton of fun. It makes me want to have a garden to throw a party in. Although, I picture mine to be a little less civilized, a little more rowdy and a LOT more champagne. #cheers

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