Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Most Dangerous Wine Festival in the World

That’s an exaggeration, of course. But seriously this thing was awesomely dangerous.

Let me give you some background. There was a wine festival in Wiesbaden, which is about an hours drive from us. I’ve never thought of Wiesbaden as a place for a wine festival, just based on its location compared to other more “in the grape” locations of wine events we’ve been to.

Some people from work were going, saying it’s their favorite festival all year; they’ve made a tradition of it. So Dan and I got a ride with a co-worker so we could truly get our wine on.

We arrived, and I could see why they love it so much. It’s a very classy event set against a beautiful cathedral backdrop. 

The difference between this wine fest and many others is that, while you can order wine by the glass, it’s more popular to order it by the bottle. This is where the danger comes.

Because of this, you’re monitoring system of how much you’ve had to drink has completely gone out the window. Now, sitting with15 people with at least 7 bottles of wine flowing around the table at any given time, you have no idea what’s happening.

Besides maybe having a few too many bottles, it was a great time. Sitting there in front of a gorgeous church, drinking wine, and having good conversation, Dan and I agreed is what we LOVE so much about Germany.


It was also a dangerous night because someone (no names, I promise) fell backwards down a flight of concrete church stairs.  This person is completely fine; the only thing bruised an ego. But I would PAY to have the faces of people witnessing the incident captured and framed. The pure horror on their faces was priceless.


Another funny story from the night. A bunch of people that met us there all came together on the train. They usually each bring a bottle of wine or two to share with one another. One guy says, “Oh, I have the perfect bottle.” And he shows up with a white wine from 1989. A 25-year-old bottle of wine!

Yes, yes, some white wines can “age” but we all assumed it was vinegar by now. We couldn’t even get the cork out it was so destroyed. Determined, someone just pushed the cork into the bottle, not really caring what kind of mold might infect the wine…. Although the wine could’ve been even worse.

No matter… we passed the bottle around the table, each taking a gulp with someone else capturing their aftertaste face on camera. I have no interest in seeing those pictures, especially mine but now I know what a bottle of wine tastes like from my infancy. 

what we were seeing by the end...

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